It all started…

Brown Bag Birdseed Logo

We have been farming in our family for generations. Back when I was in high school my dad would sell grocery bags of sunflower seed to friends and neighbors. We started calling it Brown Bag Birdseed as a joke. Fast forward 25 years or so and I’m now running the farm and boy has the farm changed. We are raising a wide variety of crops and cleaning them for different markets including direct to the consumer but we had a problem. What to we do with all the cleanings? It includes a variety of small, broken and chipped seeds, and mixed crops that accidentally got in there (we call it volunteer on the farm). We fed some to our chickens and they love it but they can only eat so much. While we were cleaning the seed the ground would sometime get some of this “waste” seed spilled on it and there would be wild birds everywhere. An old idea to the rescue. Welcome to the Brown Bag Birdseed, your source for birdseed when you want to help your feathered friends brown bag it.

A example of what you can find in our hand packaged bags.